Stories from Beneficiaries

Saad, a Sinjar family man with three children aged nine to thirteen, fled Sinjar following the ISIS conflict to Sulimaniya Ashti Camp. ISIS used his house, which is now completely destroyed.

When asked about their situation and living conditions, Saad stated, "in both cases, we are struggling, when I was in Sinjar ISIS was everywhere, and now in the camp, we live in a small tent and face difficulties getting assistance, it is a struggle fulfilling all my family's basic needs."


He's enduring the difficulties of being a daily worker. As a result, when Saad encountered difficulties receiving cash assistance, he contacted IIC. He was able to receive it 10 days later.

"I can't go back to Sinjar when there are no services and my house is damaged, but I do hope to work in a stable job that allows me to afford and care for my family."

Naam is a Sinjar native who comes from a large family of 13. Following the conflict with ISIS, she and her family decided to leave Sinjar and relocate to the Sharya camp near Duhok. During their escape from their hometown, Naam and her family experienced various terrifying experiences.

They traveled for nine days, three of which were spent without food or drink; they then began borrowing food from other travelers on the same route until they arrived at the camp.

While at camp, she said life is challenging when all you have is an old and crowded tent that can't protect you during the harsh winters and is way past its expiration date.

At the same time, they are unable to return to Sinjar due to political concerns, as well as the damaged property that prevents them from going back home.

Because her husband is a daily worker with a low wage, they needed all the help they could get, consequently, she managed to contact the IIC to complain about their camp manager's unfair distribution of goods. They received their fair portion of supplies 20 days after the call.

"I was able to obtain IIC's phone number from one of the workshops I attended, and I strongly advise anyone in need to call when they require assistance."