About Us

Introducing the Iraq Information Centre

The Iraq Information Centre acts on behalf of the Iraq Humanitarian Country Team to link affected populations and humanitarian actors, empowering communities through the provision of accessible and timely information on how to access the services and resources required to improve their situation, fulfilling their right to know, to ask questions, and to participate in their own recovery.

The Iraq Information Centre is the main accountability mechanism representing the entire humanitarian response in Iraq. Through the centre’s free and confidential hotline, affected populations can:

  1. Request information about available humanitarian support.

  2. Report issues related to humanitarian assistance or abuse of power.

The Iraq Information Centre empowers affected communities through information, accountability, and participation.

The Call Centre

At the heart of the IIC lies the call centre, where operators handle calls 7 days a week. Affected populations can call or text the centre, or get support by reaching out on social media. The operators are equipped with the latest information about available services provided by clusters and partners. 80% of caller requests are solved during the first call. In addition to taking calls, the operators conduct surveys, monitoring calls, registrations, follow-ups, and outgoing calls.

The Iraq Information Centre hotline is free and all calls are treated confidentially.

What is Accountability to Affected Populations? 

Accountability to affected populations (AAP) is “an active commitment for humanitarian actors to use power responsibly by taking account of, giving account, and being held to account to the people that they seek to assist.” (IASC, 2015) AAP has become a part of the international norm to ensure the quality of humanitarian actions. Complaint and feedback mechanisms form a core part of AAP, allowing affected populations to express their views on the work of humanitarian actors, and ultimately shape and improve the quality of programming.

How the Iraq Information Centre Works with Partners

In addition to upholding the principle of accountability to affected populations, the Iraq Information Centre supports partners by conducting surveys to understand the needs of affected populations in real-time so that programmes and activities can be adjusted accordingly. These services are free to partners.

As Iraq transitions from crisis response to reconstruction and development, the IIC remains a point of connection for communities across the country. Calls to the centre are increasing monthly, and until the lines go quiet, we have a responsibility to ensure that affected communities have the information, voice, and power they deserve to shape their future.